Long lie in

I’ve had a hectic two weekends. So today I just wanted to lie in bed until noon. That used to be a thing. In fact I used to find it overly rude if anyone even phoned before 12 on a Sunday.

Age, sleep, hangovers

I’m too old to be able to deal with a hangover. Yesterday (after what was only meant to be a couple with a friend) I woke up on my sofa with my pal having stayed over (I clearly offered up my bed). Sick is an understatement. Worse – I felt drained. That was not the plan, especially since I was meant to be in Glasgow for lunchtime to go on a big day out with a group of folk I know.

So having had a rubbish sleep and feeling like I needed to hide in a darkened room – I got up. I can’t now not get up. I’m sure I used to be able to sleep through things when younger. Like I say, sleeping in late used to be a thing. Now I can only manage to re-snooze after a 6am wake up to about 8.30am. Then I need to get up. I think this is an age thing. I also think feeling rough is something I can’t deal with as I get older. Maybe that means I should slow down. Maybe I’ll ignore that thought.

Back out: the challenge

Two days in a row out feels akin to enduring SAS training. Granted I have never, and would never, have endured this. In my head though that is what it is like. So having stuck my head under a cover for an hour at 10am, I then had to rush to get out and get the 12 o’clock train. It wasn’t easy. Even as I’m writing this I am giving myself a high five for managing it.

Glasgow is not the place to go with a hangover

Edinburgh and Glasgow differ. Not just in the architecture, people and layout but also in how people approach a day out on the town for drinks. In Edinburgh I could rock up in trainers and a hoody and still go anywhere on a Saturday afternoon. Cocktails in tiger lilly to a pint in Smithies. In Glasgow 10 inch heels seem like a minimum for a glass of wine. It’s not the place you want to go if you already feel hungover 🙂

That said I rebelliously shoved on my loafers, jeans and a T-shirt and got on the train. It was commented on. I was also a good 5 inches shorter than all the ladies who were out. The joy of not caring less due to the fog brain of hangoverdness (yes a made up word but reflective of how I felt) meant I breezed through the comments and odd looks. And despite being someone who therefore stood out, it was a fabulous day. I even managed to have a few drinks.

Thank Sunday for being Sunday

So the point of this was my long lie in. Clearly the build up of this weekend would lead you all to thinking I stayed in bed till 1pm before meandering across the road (it’s not far) to the coffee shop.

Nope. I woke up at 6am and struggled on and off for the next 5 hours in an annoyed way of obstinate thinking that “no way in hell I am getting up”. So I didn’t make it till noon and feel like I never will again. I did go and get coffee and I did then sit in the garden for a few hours to get some vitamin d. But it’s not the same as when I was young and able to sleep till all hours. I’m even booked into blooming yoga later. Yes I enjoy this lifestyle now. But things have definitely changed. Today I feel pretty old. Today I also think I will never have another glass of wine again.

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