I had a chat with a good friend yesterday who is getting ready for her daughters wedding in Italy. She had done the whole gambit of beauty salon treatments: pedicure, manicure, eyelashes, waxing, brows. She was exhausted. We mused over one question. How on earth do busy working women fit all this into a regular routine? So today I was looking at my feet. Looking at them in the way that I know they could do with some attention. It is summer (in between the wind and rain) and the flip flops are handy. My flip flops are pretty cute (white bands with sparkly bits). My feet…less so.

Foot problems…its an important issue 🙂

I actually quite like my feet. They aren’t too big (4 1/2 to 5 UK size) and I have well placed and well formed arches. Yes I actually said that out loud (well on the page). And no I actually don’t feel overly embarrassed saying it. I also think I have nice toes. Minus a bit of an issue with my big toes but only in the way that women who have always loved heels will know (the slight bend in). Today, however, I feel my feet are more like this:

Hiding them toes: Image (and header image) from Pixabay at Pexels.com

The problems with feet can be a multitude of things:

  • Cracked skin – thankfully I don’t get this. It just sounds sore;
  • Bunyons – I still have no idea what these actually are or how people get them;
  • Bad nails – nope, mine seem generally fine;
  • Fallen arches – see above re my arches views;
  • Ugly feet – enough said as this is just a perception issue…change perception; and/or
  • Dry skin.

My foot issues

Dry skin.

Not everywhere on said feet. But the balls of my feet are constantly hard and I really don’t understand how this happens. Its not like I walk up mountains. Weirdly (well I think so anyway) my big toes can also have hard skin on that big bit of them underneath. Yes I use my feet (as most do) but, seriously, why do they not feel as soft as they did in my twenties? When did they start to think that they would hold onto any dead skin? Clearly I know my feet don’t have thoughts of their own. That would be mad. And clearly I don’t get regular pedicures. For me (I know this is probably just me), the thought of someone else staring closely at them and touching them a lot is just, well just not right. Even if you are now thinking this is why I have the dry feet issue (due to a lack of regular pedicure), there are things I can and should regularly do to sort this out. So my problem goes back to the discussion I had with my friend; busy life…how do you fit in time for these things? Side note to self – If I can take the time to write about this I can definitely fit the time in.

My foot problem solution

I do have a solution. I purchased it after previous research into the matter. I did try the whole feet/foot sock thing. Those things are great and really satisfying (here’s an option on Amazon). But the problem is that the peeling off lasts for weeks and now that I regularly practice yoga this is not an option for obvious reasons.

So I bought a foot file. Not one of the rubbish ones I used to think were the only option (you know the scrapey metal things you get in the chemist). No – I bought an actual file. The one below (there are probably loads like this on the market so the choice is out there). They aren’t even expensive.

Its hard work filing your feet if you have dry skin. It takes a while and you really need to be regular about these things if you are like me and avoid the professional pedicures. But they do work!

I really need to start taking my own advice

I just need to fit this in. I won’t go to the level of cuticle oil on my toes. They have never needed this so why start now. But the dry skin thing needs sorted. Regularly. If only to stop me whining on about it in my blog :-).

p.s all feet images are not the author’s own. Even if I like my feet, I am not sticking up photos of them!

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