30 Day health challenge: Is this a good idea?

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I feel like I should be on a roll with the fitness again. Since Wednesday I have done yoga 3 times, walked a lot around Edinburgh and have managed to fit in a HIIT session. However… I have eaten out twice and, being on holiday from work, have had some wine (every day eek!…just to be social of course). In fact on Thursday my long walk was interspersed with food and wine and the festival. Surely this still counts as exercise!

Maybe as a result of the annual leave wine I have consumed my thoughts have been drifting to health and fitness more seriously again. These thoughts are in no way related to a message I got from a lovely looking ex who is due to visit Edinburgh next month. Noooo…it was definitely the wine and previous lack of exercise for a couple of weeks that has spurred me on to action. I would like to feel a bit more, ermm, healthy again. Cue the fitness / health challenge goals. Cue the feeling of this might be difficult!

What to do?

There are loads and loads and bloody loads of challenges that people do. I have done some of them. 30 day leg challenge, squat challenge, 90 day Body Coach, 90 days of Insanity, 30 days of Yoga etc. etc.. Generally I never complete them. With the exception of the Insanity dvd’s. Yep I did the whole programme!…I have tried this since however and only ever get to the 4 week stage. A quick search of the internet and there are millions (only a slight exaggeration) to choose from. There are even quite relaxed ones which involve no exercise. No I don’t mean the alcohol free ones but ones where you do something for yourself each day (I assume these are inner confidence type thingy challenges).

So what should I do? Should I even do a challenge given my previous success rate with challenges? My aim – to lose a little bit of weight, tone up, get visible muscles, get more flexible, feel great, look great…this is a big list. Overall aim – to be a bit more healthy.

What I definitely won’t do

There is no point in setting out to fail. I am sure there is a saying somewhere about this but won’t attempt to write it for fear of getting it wrong :-). I am also old enough to know that I get bored too easily with just one thing so the 5k a day type challenge is not for me. I jog…slowly…so this would take too long and it is just not interesting enough to keep me going. I am happy enough to commit an hour to exercise but no more.

Food wise I can manage to manage my calories and macros if I pay attention to them. I definitely won’t be following any eating plan due to being a picky (ish) eater. This isn’t an excuse for eating some chocolate now and again – I can still do a healthy and pretty plain committed diet that will work alongside the exercise.

I definitely won’t give up having the odd drink. There are plenty of challenges out there with no alcohol involved including beer free for a year. Not for me but kudos to those who do. I have a lot of things planned in over the next month and sometimes it is just nice to do them with a glass of something.

I am starting to think that the contradiction in what I won’t do with what my aims are may be a problem. Maybe it will be but, like I said, there is no point in setting out to fail.

Get to it: My goals for the next 30 days (starting tomorrow)

I feel like I should delay the setting of these. I have goals for the year. Yoga goals which give me a whole year to work towards them. Why do a 30 day challenge? It might not work. I have a lot on. I have probably said that twice now. I am talking to myself out loud whilst writing this. Get on with it missus….here they are:

  • Exercise every day for 30 days
    • Yoga 3 times a week (moderate to difficult classes)
    • HITT 3 times a weekWeights 1-2 times a week (I can do this on my HITT days)
    • Yin yoga 1 day a week (along with a walk) for the active rest day
  • Track my eating and stick within a calorie / macro budget
    • This is the only thing that has ever worked for me food wise
    • Maybe sticking a day or two of fast days in there (no pressure on this though)
  • Give up wine (yes WINE) for 30 days
    • Red wine particularly (I like a good Malbec) but pretty much any wine
    • I will have the odd beer though. As long as I track it.
    • I can’t believe I just wrote this. Everything else will feel relatively easy in comparison to losing the ‘oh so lovely glass of red’ after a long week.

Done. I feel motivated. I am starting this tomorrow. Honestly I won’t bang on about it for the next 30 days but I might write an update at the end. Hopefully this doesn’t end up as a bad idea.

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