Growing my own vegetables: not the best year

I decided this year I wanted some pumpkins. Not really for eating…I am not a fan of pumpkin…well any pumpkin related food. I wouldn’t waste them; the neighbours cook odd stuff so I am sure they would have took them off my hands.

My reason for the pumpkins was so that we would have plenty for the annual Halloween party. Who doesn’t like a bit of fancy dress with carved pumpkins around and lots of 🍷!

This year, along with the pumpkins, I wanted some leaves and tomatoes. Maybe it’s been a funny gardening year or maybe I am just rubbish at this but the majority of things (with the exception of some lovely rocket) never turned out well at all.

It’s not like this was my first growing veg year. I have been doing some vegetables in a few raised beds for the last couple of years I have slowly figured out how much I actually need. Usually salad type leaves (rocket and spinach), some coriander, some spring onions and occasionally I have done potatoes and garlic. Sometimes it works. Sometimes they look like the image for this post. This year my veg looked nothing like it!

The pumpkin plant is like a bloody triffid. It sprawled in every direction and produced lovely big flowers with the promise of loads of pumpkins. Every single mini pumpkin beginning (or whatever you call them) has turned to mush. I don’t even know if they have been eaten or are just not making the grade of turning into adult like pumpkins.

The tomatoes (all five plants of them) have only produced two good and lovely red looking tomatoes. You guessed it…baby tomatoes. Why did this happen. They grew, they flowered, little tomatoes formed – but they never really ripened. Maybe it’s a Scottish thing, maybe it is just that kind of year or quite possibly maybe it is my rubbish gardening skills.

It all started off so well. Things did grow. Things didn’t grow up. At least I had some good rocket. At least I don’t put tomatoes in everything (my mum does this with meals…don’t even ask). At least there is a local Tesco to buy pumpkins for Halloween. Next year will surely be better! Or maybe I will grow some pretty flowers instead.

The ‘triffid’

(aka pumpkin failure)

Main Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash (obviously not my produce)

10 thoughts on “Growing my own vegetables: not the best year”

      1. My tomato blooms set in mid June, and didn’t stop flowering until recently. I think it must be the climate, since tomato plants love it hot n’ sunny. Same with peppers.


        1. I know that’s why my ones end up failing. I start them off inside a thingy but they get too tall and I get excited when it’s sunny in Edinburgh. It’s never sunny enough here 🌞

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  1. I guess there’s a reason I have a brown thumb! I always loved the idea of growing a garden but have not had experience with it and I live in a tiny apartment.

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    1. My flat is small but I am lucky that we have a great communal garden. You could do something small indoor next year 😊. Thanks for reading and the comment.


  2. Terrible year for veg for me too. Yellow courgettes did well but that’s all. Aubergines and tomatoes and peppers all failed one way or another. So disheartening. Foraging much more productive.

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    1. It was a weird veg year. Thankfully I have enough home made cherry liqueur from last years cherry tree to keep the Prosecco topped up this Christmas. We can always try again next year and at least you got something out of your garden 😊!

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