I Never Fall Over in High Heels

I never fall over in high heels. Stiletto type heels. Any other kind of heeled boot or shoe though is a different matter entirely. Actually to add to that. Bare feet and balancing (yoga) usually leads to me falling over. But with a good 4 -7 inch pair of heels – never!

Wearing heels

I have always preferred a stiletto or thin enough type of heel to any other. So even when buying a pair of boots I go for a nicely shaped heel (only I know what I mean by that), even if it is squared, rather than an awful big clunky thing. Clunky heels look perfectly fine on a lot of people but I am short (ish) and my feet, size UK 4 to 4.5, do not adapt well to clunkiness.

I have loads. Shoes with heels. Not in an Imelda Marcos type way. But still enough that there are some I hardly ever wear. From ridiculously expensive, to pretty expensive, to dirt cheap. My favourite ones are my range of Sam Edelman pointed with a stiletto heel. So comfy! The heel is only 3.75inches. Not an affiliate at all, just a buyer of them when one of my favourite shoe shops in Edinburgh get them in stock.

Other shoes will sometimes do

I don’t always wear heels though. Most of the time I do, but as my job involves walking at times I generally wear a kitten (ish) heel to work. No point in ruining my good ones. Otherwise I love a good loafer (very hard to find just the right ones) and I spend a lot of time in my trainers. So it isn’t like I am always in teeteringly high heels. I guess I am saying I like them but am not always in them.

In Edinburgh due to the millions [exaggeration] of hills and the fact that I walk to most places, it is often more comfortable to wear an ankle or knee length boot. So I have plenty of them too.

Getting around in heels

There are lots of roads with cobbles in Edinburgh. However I have had years of practice with crossing these roads and have it down to a fine art. If you are unlucky they will trip you up no matter what shoes you are wearing. I know it is odd – but I find that I don’t fall when wearing heels. Maybe it is because I concentrate more on my walking. It might also be because I don’t walk as fast as seemingly everyone else in Edinburgh (refer to previous post on this). Either way, or a combination of both, when out in heels I can get around. That is until the balls of my feet start to hurt. Taxi’s are a great way of coping with sore feet.

Lunch, Wine and Falling over

Last Saturday I went out to lunch. As it involved a walk up a hill I settled on an ankle boot (nice heel) with jeans rather than a pair of great heels. This all went well and even after a few glasses of wine I made it home in one piece to prepare for a few drinks at my flat with friends that evening.

My preparations were going well (ankle boots still on) and I decided on a few cut roses from the garden. Out I tottered, over a few innocuous looking slabs, and promptly crashed to the ground on my hands and knees. Since there are at least 8 sets of flat windows looking over the garden I slithered back to the doorway to inspect myself. Thankfully no hole in jeans but ouch it bloody hurt! So in case this looked really odd, should someone be looking out the window at that exact moment, I got up and, with a confident stride, got to that bloody rose bush and cut 4 beautifully red roses and some greenery for my vase.

Back in my flat and the state of me became apparent. My hands were bleeding and my knees were scraped quite badly. Imagine a five year old, all scraped and looking like their world is ending. Yep I looked exactly the same.

Dusted off, scrapes washed and sat back down with a recovery glass (yes another) of wine I only had one bloody thought. “I should have worn my stilettos!!”

Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

32 thoughts on “I Never Fall Over in High Heels”

  1. Given my propensity for falling even with flattest of shoes, I’ve never favored heels. But, reading your post inspired me to give it another go. Maybe I just haven’t found the right one. ☺️

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  2. I’m super clumsy! Thankfully I’m 5’9 so I wear heels much closer to the ground. That still didn’t stop my ankle injury this year when I tripped in slides!

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    1. I’m 5’3 and so a lot of mine (minus the work ones) are higher. Ooh I feel your pain. Ankle injuries are the worst ever! It always happens in flatties too!! Hope it got better.


  3. You’ve got it down to a fine art! You’ll have to post a “How to.” The amount of injuries I deal with in the clinic over people falling in high heels is unreal! I’ll direct them to your how to post if you outline how they master it 😂👌


      1. Hahaha is that the secret!? They need to shrink themselves 😂😛 what about all ones 5’3 and under falling over left right and centre? They just not got your eloquent skills?

        Lol I love from a physiological p.o.v. thstmtou can handle a thin stiletto but not a flat 😂 legendary status that ✌️❤️

        Is your knee ok?

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        1. Ps I honestly don’t know about the knee. Just sore when I’m on it so think I must have chipped a bone or something equally dramatic. 😆…it’s ok if I put a blanket on my yoga mat when I’m on it

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            1. So figured I should get it checked out properly. Minor injuries folk just think it will heal even if I did have a little fracture. So should he all good in time. Thanks for asking as it did make me go and get it looked at 😊!

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            2. Wow fantastic. Affirmative action! No problem at all…I just go into auto pilot when people talk about pain or injuries lol. Glad you’ve had it looked at.

              You say it’s on the knee? What’s the pain like you are feeling?

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            3. You are on autopilot 😂. Just under knee cap and sharp when I kneel. No loss of movement and not sore otherwise which is why I though I might have chipped a bone. But she said no x ray as few weeks ago but if something floating about it would have been worse. Thinks will heal in time.

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            4. Not a red wine related incident then? 😂

              Well I’ve promised to get to the bottom of it for you and have ya back! So those words will have to be stood behind!

              So it’s only when you kneel?

              Does it hurt when you flex the knee…or just when you put pressure kneeling down?

              Ever injured any other area before?

              It’s obvs impossible for me to tell you what’s going on from behind a computer screen but I could steer you in the right direction.


              Do the 2 tests on that post and see if there is an issue between the main firing patterns through general movement.

              May need to rest from the heels for a little too!

              Regardless of the issue…we all develop compensation patterns and guarding from the problem as you know.

              I’ll post a few things over the next couple weeks that might hopefully start to help you regain proprioception and get rid of the pain.

              Or go see somebody if it doesn’t clear up.

              Was thinking of starting to do actual videos in the new year of certain areas and what goes wrong + why + how to combat issues etc.

              Do you think that would be an area yourself and others would be interested in?


            5. Was it a red wine related incident!?😂

              Well I’ve made you a promise to get to the bottom of it and have your back!

              Those words must be stood behind!

              Obs I can’t truly help without palpation and assessment but I can most definitely steer you in prosperous direction.

              Is it when you flex the knee in general or just when you kneel and put pressure on it.

              Ever injured that or any other area before?

              How long has the pain been going on for?

              I’ve got a post I tried copying and pasting but won’t let me which has 2 tests for leg homeostasis. “Are your hamstrings and quads functioning properly” I think it’s called. That might help you.

              Might need to rest off the heels for a little while too!

              Hope you are well today.

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            6. Will pop it over for you! I know…I’m getting into all this blogging interaction. Can be a really good place with really good people! Have the best day EVER ✌️❤️


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