Karma: A double wind up

I did a post recently about my application for the London Marathon. If you want to have a look then here is the link. But in summary I didn’t get in through the public ballot but my friend (who I made apply) did. I found this all really hilarious. She knew I found this hilarious. I find it hard not to give immediate facial or text feedback. But….a big but (not my butt; rather a but but)….the plot thickens. I think she is a wind up merchant (other folk may call her a prankster)

A confession over coffee

I had coffee with a mate. It was this little birdy who tipped me the wink as to an ingenious wind up by said marathon running friend. It happened on Monday.

I told her the story of how I didn’t get into the marathon through a few fits of giggles as I still found it hilarious. So did she. A little too funny though. Once she had stopped chortling and snort laughing she said “I really have to tell you something”. with a little tap on the nose to indicate this would have to be a secret. As I am sure this exact situation has happened to many people, I think my anonymous blog fits within this category of secret…hopefully.

She calmed down and said “she [marathon friend] never got in. She found that photo on Facebook of the success magazine and sent you it to wind you up. She said to say that she was busy training for the marathon”


Yes…Exactly! The bloody cheek of it. So in reality whilst I found it funny she also thought it would be funny to give as good as she got. I think this is an example of Karma. It is a good example of a prank and I was definitely wound up from the back. But Karma is something that can continue. At the moment I know that she doesn’t know that I know. So…..

A double wind up

I waited a couple of days and on Wednesday I sent her a wee message. I mentioned in my post that I could try and get into the London Marathon through a charities. The way this works is that you apply, tell them why you think their charity is important (I think they all are!) and pledge to raise usually around £2,000.

My message went along the lines of this

“X [little birdy] said you’re training is going well. I had a message back from xxx [charity]. They asked me to submit a bit more and a plan of any fundraising events. So I got my mum’s pal to help and the team at work have also pledged to raise some dosh. I haven’t heard yet but will get the decision by next Friday. So I might get in!!! Are you up for some training. I might be a bit behind but can definitely manage a waddle”.

The response took a couple of days. Her response was interesting. Now I don’t know if she knows that I know. Or if we are at the point that she knows that I know that she knows that I know. This gets confusing.

I think she must know that I know. Only because she said she was already at 10k. Its a distance she will find not too hard but I doubt she is running at the moment as she prefers the gym and classes. So I am now waiting for the phone call promised for this weekend.

I don’t know how long I can keep this up but have a load of elaborate things planned.


The thing about Karma is that you really should try for good Karma. My wind up friend is great and this is something we will both find funny. She usually wins at the pranks. I will try my best but I also think there is another bit of karma to pay off in this situation.

So I donated a bit of cash to charity last night. The equivalent of the entry fee to the marathon. I will also put a little bit of money (not 2k certainly, but every little helps) each month to different charity things between now and the marathon. Hopefully that is my example of good karma coming out of a good wind up.

Photo by Bogdan Yukhymchuk on Unsplash : adapted by me on Canva

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