MOT Failure

Old car in a mechanics workshop or garage

This is me having a moan. I don’t often have a whinge about things [cough] but MOT day for me is always a trauma.


To prepare for your MOT hide under the covers of any blanket near to you and avoid the reality of your car being in the hands of the garage gods. At least for an hour. Then google MOT’s and read on in both amusement and fear.

Top tips appear to be:

  • Check your lights (yep)
  • Check your tyres (cursory glance and some air…done)
  • Clean inside (has anyone doing these tips seen the inside of most garages?)
  • Top up oil (done)
  • Screenwash (a necessity in this really rubbish weather)
  • Basic maintenance (would require me getting manky so that is a no)
  • Have some fuel in your tank (task done on the way…doh!)


It’s the not knowing that is the worst. I get that my current car is rubbish. I bought it for getting to and from work. I loved my old car. As in I bloody loved that big ass jeep Sahara. I still miss that car and I should say that even though my tyres cost about £400 each to renew – in a good 67,000 miles I never needed to renew them. I digress. The new car is very generic. Very dull. Its not really new, I bought it second hand :-(. Upside, and one I am thankful for, is that it is economical to run and allows me to spend my money on other frivolous things. See – I didn’t turn completely into a sensible person.

Anyway. Anticipation is the worst thing about an MOT day because you don’t know what to expect. You can think one thing (as in my suspension is rubbish) and up pops something else on the failure sheet.

I dropped the car off. My garage man grunted a few times. He does this and I like him for it. The most honest garage man ever, who will only ever do what is needed. This fact does not, however, diminish the butterfly feeling of anticipation.


That moment you see the garage pop up on your phone. Time to face reality. It is a horrible feeling. It was almost a relief to hear the word fail just to get over the stage of anticipation.

The failure list was long but it was all linked mainly to breaks (and one tyre which is no where near as expensive as my last car). Add in the potential of a new calliper and the dawning realisation hits that this is not going to be cheap.

Cue a quick conversation about price. Cue the thoughts of why MOTs should be illegal when it is in the run up to Christmas. Cue the budget sheet being amended for next month. Still no regret over buying the piano though :-).

I’ll get the car tomorrow (haha when I get paid!). At least I won’t be running around in a car with rubbish breaks. Something I am most definitely thankful for. Lets face it, MOTs are a good way of ensuring we are all driving at a safe minimum. They test for the minimum so I can’t grumble about paying up. That might be the only upside to MOT day.

I can grumble about the process and the feelings it evokes (and yes I know they are my own and very definitely my own fault).

Next year I will just ignore the handy google tips. It wasn’t the leftover coffee cup that made me fail…or even the light that needed fixing. Anyway another year before this level of car anxiety hits again and just one day of not having my car. Bloody hate that car anyway :-).

Header Photo by Mike Lorusso on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “MOT Failure”

    1. The emissions check is part of our MOT (ministry of transport) check. Also yearly and yes at least we are all in it together with the trauma of getting cars fixed! Thanks for reading Tony 🙂

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