Another Decade

A picture of an elephants eye and part of his trunk showing wrinkled skin

Of Avoiding Botox

We are nearing the end of the 2010s (it was easier last decade to roll the decades of the tongue). The fact I know this shows my age. 42!! 43 next year. In the 2020s I will hit 50. Shit! Really? I might go back the way with age. At least 50 still sounds far enough away for me not to think too much about it.

What I do think about most years when I think about my age is one question. When should I get a bit of botox?

I am not saying it is a worry or even a philosophical view on whether people should or shouldn’t get botox. I am just glad that my face has held it together for this long. Especially given the sensitivities of Scottish skin and the numerous bad (but bloody enjoyable) habits.


Injections for medical things and also for wrinkles. We all know this and all know people who get botox. A good mate of mine recently got his face done. He looks rejuvenated and he feels it too. The funny thing though – the paralysing of his face muscles. We spent a whole evening making him laugh about the fact his laugh only reached his cheeks. I think he went for as much as he could get. He finds it weird that he can’t get across some non-verbal emotions now. We all find it highly amusing whilst we wrinkle up our faces in response.


I can rarely hide (unless needed) what I am thinking. I succumbed years ago to this and figure why not give immediate feedback on things with your face.

Faces are great. So different, so expressive and so necessary (obviously!). So this is my issue with Botox. I am not at all against it and, like I say, I consider it every year. But what if my face couldn’t say things? Yes I have a mouth…I use it a lot; but facial expressions add a bit extra.


Is it just me or do wrinkles look better on men than women? Probably just me. Am I starting to find wrinkly men more attractive; that ‘Ive been places’ look. Nope. But I do think they look better on men.

My wrinkles. Hmmmm. I don’t quite yet admit to any. Maybe a few laughter lines and possibly not as fresh looking. That might be down to me having a glass of Malbec on occasion though. I always thought I had a young face. People say this. But when I screwed my face up at work the other day my boss said “don’t do that you look old”. I retorted with “well I would rather have my face than your’s”. There was a continued argument about who’s face was better. At least we act like children even if our faces are past 40.

Ok I am sure I have some wrinkles and this is where the debate, in my head and now out there on this post, starts. When I get up in the morning I sometimes feel like my face hasn’t bounced back. Did it do this when I was 20? I have always had sensitive skin but is it more sensitive now that I am 42? Do I laugh too much? Yes I laugh too much but that might not help avoid any eye wrinkles / laughter lines.

I have a friend who does botox. She is a doctor and runs a successful business with fillers, botox and who knows what. I am always tempted to book in. I just have avoided it so far because I think if I start I might not ever stop.

Its a debate in my head that I don’t know how to answer. My procrastination is probably the only reason why I haven’t done it yet. I don’t know why I am even spending the time debating this. Botox is fine to do. Even young people, that is a whole different debate, do it.

My Face

At any moment my face might fall off and I will need the botox. So today I might just drink coffee and moisturise. I’ll book something next year. If I don’t procrastinate. At least it will be a new decade – new decade new face. Today I should concentrate more on getting up and moisturising, putting on even a tiny bit of makeup and sorting out my bed head, not done anything with it yet, hair.

Header Photo by Jennifer Latuperisa-Andresen on Unsplash

21 thoughts on “Another Decade”

  1. Nah, skip the Botox girl. You look fab without it! I have also been toying with the idea but I gave up. I don’t want to lose my facial expressions because of my children. They are still young and learning a lot from me and I am afraid that our connection wouldn’t be the same without me being able to express myself fully. When they are older I will reconsider.

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    1. Thanks Jenni! There is no way you need botox either.
      I will probably have this debate with myself every 6 months or so and at some point I will mainly because it is better to prevent rather than try and resolve wrinkles (apparently). Ta for the comment 🙂

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  2. You do not look your age. I am much older and have never even thought about botox and such medical treatments. I think a smart thing to do is watch your diet and include foods that have ant-aging properties.Also, to increase your water intake. Another great idea is to start a routine of activities to feed your mind. Great post.

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    1. Thanks so much. You certainly don’t look older either! Yes I always feel I should take in more water..and better food. The yoga definitely feeds my mind 😊


  3. Aha,

    When the 40-year clock strikes midnight, (also called the New 20s), appearance is not supposed to be a bother.

    My verdict is, ‘beauty lies in the eys of the beholder’. Enjoyable ‘bad habits’ need a flip to awesome habits that include diet, sleep, and exercise.

    My colleagues and friends in your age bracket no longer care about looks. They are much more concerned with their legacy – if they are living a life of significance. Unless you are under pressure from those around you, you will not be in need of any Botox.


    1. Thanks so much for the comment. I think we all live a life of significance and I agree with the diet, sleep and exercise. My exercise sometimes involves being out dancing 😊.
      For me it’s not about need or pressure, just personal choices and I’ll probably do it at some point. Have an amazing day 😊

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