To Old Times To New times

Fireworks - bright yellow, orange and red against a black sky

Happy New YEAR! Hogmanay is my favourite night of the year. At times so fantastic, at times so reminiscent, at other times it has passed by me completely. But whether I have peaked too early and am currently hugging my toilet floor having been shoved in a taxi (it might be someone else’s toilet floor…yes that happened badly one year) or I am watching the fireworks over the castle having popped out from the Black Tie event onto the rooftop (this is the plan so hopefully I am) – Slange Var!!!

Here is to the New Year. Yes yes in case you pick me up on it…I went for the easy spelling of cheers.

To Old Times

My favourite verse of Auld Lang Syne (old long since…for the old times) is the second one.

"And surely ye'll be your pint-stoup
And surely I'll be mine
And we'll talk' a cup o' kindness yet
For auld lang syne."

It basically means that we will both buy a pint (or another tipple of whatever is your thing) and we will talk together as friends who haven’t forgotten and who reminisce.

I get a little soppy about the fact that we Scottish people love the New Year and there is no better place to be than Edinburgh at Hogmany. So another favourite reminiscing tune that I will also make sure I listen to is Caledonia. Favourite bit about that song? Most of it…so probably the chorus.

"Oh Let me tell you that I love you
that I think about you all the time
Caledonia you're calling me
now I'm going home
and if I should become a stranger
no it would make me more than sad
Caledonia's been everything I've ever had"

Anyway. Time to reflect on the year. Its been a good one. Here’s to the next.

Hopefully the next will be brought in having a glass of something good and watching the fireworks. This took effort. The dress I wanted to wear just didn’t cut it so I had a last minute dash yesterday to buy a new one. I bought two. I bought no heels though; which is pretty good going for me.

To New Times

So….When I get over the hangover that is undoubtedly coming my way I have to pack. Usually the 1st means more parties. First footing is still a thing in Scotland although I don’t think we do it enough nowadays. Stovies throughout the early hours of the morning and probably more alcohol.

Then after a lot of snoozing it is usually time to go have steak pie somewhere (my mum usually forces me to attend theirs). It’s a tradition on the 1st. This year I have to pack first, with a hangover (undoubtedly), she said I had to be their by 5pm (doubt it!).

I am off skiing on the 2nd. French Alps, French wine, French snow, can’t frecking wait.

So here’s to the New Year. I will be pointing down a mountain in two days time on things that make me slide down it. Slightly mental I know. Hopefully I won’t be on my backside too much although that is probably too much to ask. As long as I have my wine legs on it should be ok.

Here’s to your New Year. Hope its a good one. Slange!

7 thoughts on “To Old Times To New times”

  1. Happy new year our kid ❤️

    Hate to pull you up on it…but realistically you already know Edinburgh is the second best city to rock New Years Eve in 🥳😂😂🤪❤️❤️🤠

    Glad it was an amazing one and hope you’re legs are ok skiing! ✌️❤️


    1. They have New Years Eve, we have Hogmanay. How can we be second best when they are singing our song 😊😂😂.
      NYC does look amazing though for Hogmanay.

      My legs are sooooooo dead at the moment and we are out again in 3 hours. It is amazing though and having a blast 😊

      Have an amazing day you ❤️😊✊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We ain’t singing you’re song fam…you’re singing on your own🥳😂🤪!

        The only words of auld Lang syne I know…are auld Lang syne 😂😂🔥

        NYC does look good at NY…but if you asked about Hogmanay in New York…you’d be directed to a bbq or a hot dog stand 🔥

        Putting in that work! Don’t forget to rest!

        Aw…really glad you are enjoying it..and you deserve the break!

        Have an even better one our kid ❤️✋✊

        Liked by 1 person

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