Bad Luck can be Good Luck

Picture of a four leaf clover depicting luck

Have you ever thought about how bad luck can sometimes be good luck? This week I have. It’s been one of those weeks. Somewhat amusing depending on your perspective.


Yes I know the psychological concepts of luck…externalising the event to something outside of our control. As a side thing I would normally say ‘outwith’ but I realise that only people in Scotland use this word (weird eh?…It’s such a good word!!). So without being all professional and far too psychological luck is a relevant or at least a functional way of looking at things sometimes. Why would we not externalise some things when we are responsible for enough?


It was bad luck on Monday that when I parked up in front of the car wash, patiently waiting my turn, that I turned off my engine and the fecking thing wouldn’t restart.

Cue slight panic.

Until…I figured it was good luck that in freezing conditions I broke down in the petrol station. It was also good luck that I had a bobble hat with me to keep me warm as it was bad luck that I broke down in cold weather. It was a bit rubbish that I couldn’t get in the car wash (my car is currently manky due to the bad weather) but definitely good luck that I only had to walk into the shop and get some food whilst being stranded (slight dramatisation).

It was also good luck that my rubbish car isn’t too heavy to move. I managed to push it out the way of everyone else who wanted their car squeaky clean. I figure this is sharing out some good luck to them.

It was definitely good luck that the recovery guy arrived quicker than predicted. At 7.30pm to be exact when I expected him to arrive after 8pm. Good luck because he quickly said “your battery is done” (bad luck) but he got it turning over (good luck). As good luck would have it he left me 20 minutes before a nearby garage closed. Great luck they worked till 8pm and hadn’t closed up. Even better luck they had only 1 battery left that was the type I needed. Slightly bad luck it cost me £100 but good luck that I had just been paid. Possibly also good luck that the garage man was good looking (sorry!).


If you are not confused yet you are doing well.

It wasn’t great that my journey home took 3 hours but it could have been worse.

Even more luck

It was also really good luck that when stranded my neighbour texted me to say she had cooked a batch of Dahl that afternoon. Even better luck that when I got home she had left a food parcel at my door.

So sitting on a Monday night with a lovely veggie Indian meal with all sides and dips and naan bread (all provided by my neighbour), with a glass of wine in hand and knowing I have a car that is not going to cause me problems for the next week – I felt pretty lucky in my bad luck. Even more lucky that the people; the recovery guy, my dad for the phone support, the garage guys who just wanted to get home but had great smiles and did the work, and my neighbour who feeds me; are amazing.

Photo by Amy Reed on Unsplash

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