Bloody knees!

Bare legs and feet against a blue wall

What is it with me and knees? Why when I am in my 40s have I clattered them on two separate occasions – having had no problems like this between being, oooh, about 10 and 42?!

Last time I was slightly tipsy. I fell over and scraped them, clattered them on the ground, made lots of covert whimpering noises and even went to the minor injuries unit a week later due to the fear of having cracked something. See my post here if you really want to know more.

This time I was doing something equally stupid. Not prancing out in the garden. Noooo. This time I was doing handstands. In my flat. In my flat with wooden floors. Obviously without a mat down. Why would I do anything so sensible as take precautions when practicing handstands?

This was on Thursday. My current knee state is as follows:

  • Bloody sore;
  • Uncomfortable (acutely so) in any low lunge, kneeling or on knees position (yoga before you ask);
  • Bruised;
  • Bloody sore; and
  • Probably not cracked.

I am an adult

Yep. I am an adult. To be fair I was doing wild kicking up against the wall handstands because I want to manage a press handstand this year. It’s a goal. A yoga goal although I am convinced this will be handy for a numerous array of other purposes.

I don’t even think I am too old to be doing this type of activity. Your 40s are technically like your 30s. When I was really young I always assumed no one made it past around 35. Now I am in my 40s I think no one makes it past 90 or at least not gracefully. Don’t all 90 year olds dribble a little?

So yeah…handstands. Yep…scraped and clattered knees. Even a few whimpers as I hugged them while rolled into a little ball on my living room rug for a good 10 minutes after. It didn’t take long for my whimpers to turn into giggles. The whole situation is amusingly ridiculous.

Tomorrow I’m going to be practicing handstands again. Without any kind of padding. Slightly mad I know. But why not live a little dangerously, stupidly, and definitely not gracefully.

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “Bloody knees!”

        1. Very true…and thankfully I will never video myself doing a handstand for social media. I’m so glad mobiles with video capacity weren’t around when I was growing up – I wouldn’t have got in half as much trouble 😂😂👍

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  1. I’m 47, and I think I’m as good or better a 47-year-old athlete as I was for 37 or 27 (not necessarily a better athlete, but better for my age). But sometimes my body likes to remind me that, indeed, I am 47 years old.

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    1. It is so odd how that happens. I am still convinced that when I was little my gran (who was probably not that much older than I am now) was really gran like. Im going to go with we have evolved since then :-)! Go us 40 something people :-)!! Thanks for reading Bill.

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  2. LOL, it seems to follow in our daily lives that at any given age, our knees will remind us of our fragile state. I’m also wondering why this is happening, but, just like you, I’m not alone in this sufferance, and each day, I’m just grateful that I can get up and walk! 🙂

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    1. I’d only do that at one of your pool parties Rob…the weather here is horrendous (its pissing down and blowing a hooly) so not even going to attempt such a thing until July 🙂


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