Rain….Rain….Rain…Rain. When will it bloody stop? Just a hint of sunshine and mild temperatures is what I need to stop me feeling dreary and old in dreary old Edinburgh.


We have had two storms in a row now. Storm Ciara (I know a Ciara and this kind of fits with her personality) brought snow, slush, rain, rain, slush, wind and a bit more wind for good measure. That was a lovely week for my commute to Glasgow (not!).

Ice formed on the new bridge across the forth – closing it. its always slightly amusing to Edinburgers born and bred when the Fifers can’t get in. Sorry, I do mean it only in the nicest of ways (a bit of banter). I have friends from Fife. Thankfully my blog is anonymous so I will still have friends from Fife.

Then along comes Storm Dennis. Dennis the absolute right wee menace. I think Edinburgh probably has gotten off lightly with this one. It looks horrendous down in England but then there always is something about the national reporting that we, in Scotland, just don’t trust. The joke that does the rounds:

In England its a weather warning, in Scotland your mum just tells you to get your big coat on.


What Dennis has done is drench us all. Absolutely pissing down, drenching, power shower like rain.

Yesterday I spent my afternoon in yoga (weather was fine at this point) and then the gym. My gym is massive and there aren’t many windows (the only ones look out onto a bank). So I was happy, in a warm place (a little sweaty but still feeling ok) working on my chest and arm (muscles obviously). I was even happier when I got in the pool afterwards for a little swim and a really bubbly jaccuzi. Even more happy when I went back down stairs and lay down in the steam room.

As a side note there is no way to lie down in a steam room and not make noises like a big sucker type fart. I have tried lots of different ways. It is just not graceful.

Extra side note…it was only me in there yesterday so I wasn’t moving around making farting like noises in front of other people.

Being very steamy by this point I had a long shower and spent ages on my hair. Washing, blowdrying and straightening it. Then upstairs I bounced to the doors of the Omni Centre (my gym is in a city centre complex type place), to a sight of near devastation. People were outside walking at angles…brollies were blowing around mostly inside out. I looked round at the pub…looked outside….looked round at the pub…outside….aghhh it can’t be that bad I thought. I thought wrong.

The rain was worse than this!


It was. I somehow miraculously kept my newly washed and dried hair dry by putting it in a bun, putting on a bobble hat then adding another layer by putting up my jacket hood. My jacket is kind of waterproof and definitely windproof. By the time I had tailed it down into a coffee shop in the New Town I was literally soaked. My jacket is not fully waterproof. My trainers, sopping, my sockies…sopping, even my bloody boobs were wet. My hair was dry. Oh how chuffed I was with that (almost did a fist pump). My legs – I had on a new pair of Nike track pants (somewhere between yoga pants and tracky bottoms). They are like weird little miracles. They were dry. I don’t understand why given how much rain there was and the fact that eventually I was jumping through puddles and splashing about. But there you have it…track pant miracles.

I had a cappuccino but you get the idea

The Storm Continues

Today I haven’t even bothered to go out. I stayed in bed for most of the morning and read. I contemplated the gym today but everything aches already from my sessions this week.

So I have done some house stuff and have listened to some new music podcasts. I just can’t make my mind up on doing anything more today. Slightly frustrated with the weather but also loving the feeling of being snug in the house. What else are you meant to do in a storm?

Header Photo by Bard Casas on Unsplash

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