One day at home

The whole situation at the moment is serious so apologies for this seeming light-hearted. But I’m knackered and off for the day.


Honestly – it was spent watching news. News. News. Then a walk to the shop to buy wine. Expensive wine as there was hardly any left. I feel like I have watched too much news.

I played a little bit of piano. Then I watched the news (again). I am already feeling thankful that I have to work. I am also feeling thankful for every type of key worker and really feeling for everyone else who can’t work. Feeling for those who are uncertain about their livelihoods. Everyone has to deal with some form of shit in this situation.


Do I really need to conserve my wine? There must be enough stock in Scotland.

Facetime (Social distancing is serious!). Living on your own – A good thing…a bad thing. If I had to / at any point have to stay at home for 7 days it won’t be a great thing even if it would be a necessary thing.

Wine. Wine. Wine. Piano. Music. Dancing on my coffee table (its big enough don’t worry).

Music choice – pot luck. Here are two of them ;-). They both remind me of connection. Of people. They both make me smile.

Leith’s just down the road….not a fan of that Edinburgh club but I appreciate the cup final version done by Hibs fans in 2016…just couldn’t post it πŸ™‚

Its a short post. I can’t think of much to say this week. Other than stay safe and chin up.

6 thoughts on “One day at home”

      1. Haha my iPhone does that too :). Yep getting enough in. It just means I have to diversify in my choice a little 🍷🦠🦠🍺🍹🍸πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ·

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