Yoga Brought Home

Gong yoga mat and yoga wheel

During the outbreak of COVID-19 things have changed. For my Yoga studio that has meant adapting to keep the business going. Adapting to offer something to those of us who go there. I am continually amazed at how we adapt to significant change. There are some people who can’t, depending on their jobs / businesses, but others have the ability to create new ways of working.

I have a job where I have to still have to go in to work. Thankfully I love my job so doing extra just now is a given – no questions asked just get on with it. So how bloody pleased am I that my Yoga Studio in Edinburgh has picked up on the Zoom platform to keep a good schedule of classes going.

Online Fitness

It’s not my first time using Zoom or video meetings / conferences / chats. I am using FaceTime more and more with friends to catch up now that I can’t go out and see them. The group identity is still strong as we FaceTime with a glass of wine, a comfy seat, some music on and chat.

A fellow blogger introduced me to Zoom! Lee did a trial run last week (maybe it was the week before) and so with the app downloaded I was already on-board and online for when my Yoga Studio put out the message that they were starting classes this way.

Thank You and Yeeeeeessss!!! Whilst I will still do Joe Wicks PE (its good fun and you can pick up on it on YouTube even if you missed the live feed) I need Yoga in my life that isn’t the DVD / TV style. No offence to all those lovely people sitting under a tree or in a walled garden doing their yoga to the world….I just like the realism of the instructors I know, the fellow Yogis I see at class and the connection we already all have.

Zoom gives the teachers the ability to watch, correct and interact with us. We get to see faces that we haven’t seen since the studio had to close it’s doors due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

My First Zoom Yoga Class

I am bloody knackered now! I should have pipped for the Yin class but that is not for a few days. So full body flow it was. The funny thing is I thought I wouldn’t work as hard as I usually would when in the studio. But…our teacher was on it, watching and feeding back to us all. It is strange doing it in my living room but I have a mat, blocks and a strap – what more do you need!! I even had a little scent burner going for ambience.

Full body is a mix of things but it definitely includes a lot of strength work. Today thankfully that was legs and back rather than purely focusing on core. So starting off in Dolphin to Down Dog repetitions and moving on to low / high plank repetitions set the tone that by the end of it I expected to be a bit sweaty. When we were popping back from forward fold to plank (and then to chaturanga) I definitely felt like I was working hard!

Moving into back work is my favourite as I really enjoy working on this area of the body. So lots of back bends leading into bow pose. We were then given some pretty ingenious holds for the upper back by holding a V with our forearms out front from warrior two.

Balances. Always a problem for me and I still tried my best even when they could only see me on a little computer screen. Balances with strength holds are even bloody worse but I gave it my best shot! I didn’t even fall over even though I still have a slightly weak ankle from a trip a few weeks back. Go me haha!


A big thing in yoga. Gratitude – yes I am definitely feeling it. For having brilliant colleagues, for all the key workers regardless of what work they are doing, and for staying safe. I was thankful to be on my mat today, just focused on how my body was feeling, what it could do today and my breath. Namaste

A gorgeous spot not far from where I live in Edinburgh.
Photo by Daniil Vnoutchkov on Unsplash

Header Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

22 thoughts on “Yoga Brought Home”

    1. Knackered is knackered lol..better than saying bloody tired or worn out ‘knackers yards were where old stuff used to go when they didn’t work haha…probably sums me up…
      Pipped hmmm…usually just edged it…just got to the line before you…but I guess sometimes I use it for just edging of the best choice.
      Don’t you just love weird quirks in language ❤️👍😆😆😘

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  1. I am going to start doing yoga on Monday to break my running routine. One day run, one day yoga I need a mood breaker because three weeks in and I’m beginning to feel cabin feverish. Great idea about joining an online class! Oh I think Edinburgh is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds like a good plan. I am not the best runner but might give it a go again once I get too bored of the hiit sessions in between yoga.
      Thank you. Yes it is one of my favourite cities in the world…so pretty and so lucky to be born and bred here 😊!! Hope you are well and staying safe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re trying, you stay safe and keep up with your workout routine. I’m cooking/baking more and working out less. But starting Monday, I’m going to get back to my workout (cross your fingers) lol.
        I hope someday to visit over the pond, before I die.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. 👍🤞🤞 am sure you will.
          Yes definitely do!! If we get our festival back up next year (it’s been cancelled for the first time ever!) that is the best time to be in Edinburgh 😊

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  2. Well done for keeping up with yoga from home. Was your connection good on Zoom? The site has so many users at the moment. I’ve had some trouble syncing my music with movement in my dance fitness classes. Also, Zoom are switching to standard rather than HD streaming so I am searching for an alternative platform. It’s great we have the option of virtual classes during this difficult time!

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    1. I’ve found zoom ok today. But I am not sure it will be as good without HD streaming although at least with the yoga I can play some light music. The teachers are not and mute is during the class. We can unmute them if need to but I think this probably works best for an instructor led ‘meeting’. Not heard of others although FaceTime allows for 32 at once if you are all on Apple devices.
      Great to hear you are keeping up with the dance fitness classes!! Happy to jump on one if they are on one of my days off 😊👍😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t know that about FaceTime. DaCast is supposed to be great but the host has to pay an annual subscription (& it’s not cheap). Both Zumba and Piloxing will be rolling out platforms for their licensed instructors so I only need a temporary alternative. You’re more than welcome to join a class sometime.☺️

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  3. I helped our local dance teacher get started with streaming – she’s still using a half-decent webcam she borrowed from us. I think she’s finally seen the light about setting up a YouTube channel too – as a means of advertising, more than anything. I wonder how many dance, yoga, and fitness businesses will realise they can now attract followers from a much bigger pool than the local area…

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    1. Wow that is good going helloing her out! It is brilliant that people can adapt and find new ways of working as so many are not able to. I really hope they do realise it…you can’t beat local but sometimes we can’t do that in normal times and so streaming is a great alternative. I also hope we all continue to use FaceTime (or equivalent) more. It adds so much to what used to be a phonemail.
      Hope you are good Jonathon!! Stay well and safe 🙂

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  4. I’m really glad you’re able to keep up your practice. This COVID mess has been a nightmare for keeping up with yoga….but I’ve found some online streaming videos that work well. You’re lucky to be able to interact with your usual instructors. I’ve found that hard to do with multiple people working from home at the same time!


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