Le Coup des Carrotes (Carrots Part Two)

If you missed my carrot tale…the one where my neighbour in basically said I was rubbish at gardening…then check it out here.

Fast forward, ooh, almost four months. Basically the months that time forgot. My carrots were slowly growing. Growing from seeds into a big, mahoosive, ok adequate sized but fully fledged and hopefully edible carrots.

This was important to me. Slightly childish, yes, but important none the less. When I stuck to my guns and didn’t give up my last bastion of relaxation away from work (especially important when nothing else in Edinburgh has been happening) who knew that success would come. A kind of coup, if you, will from the tyranny of the ‘controlling communal garden’ neighbour.

To be fair his veg have also done ok. But…he stuck to onions. I have onions too! Still a little small owing to the colder climate, but I have them and they look bloody better than his!

I am surprised, as will everyone I know, that my veg worked out. For me the outcome is not always the point of it. I enjoy having a couple of raised beds. I oddly get excited about things growing into food. And whilst I am not bloody Monty Dom even his carrots don’t always work. He just plants about four different types so that one of them will. Well Monty (and the garden warden, aka ‘that’ neighbour) how about my carrots.

I’ll leave you with a photo (actually my carrots in my photo!!!). And a couple of wise words to the neighbour.


P.s. gardening is actually rather relaxing. Im going to make soup with these carrots and whilst I am amused at how well they have done (to annoy my neighbour), I am more happy about them just actually growing.

6 thoughts on “Le Coup des Carrotes (Carrots Part Two)”

    1. Thanks Rob! Hope you are good. I haven’t been writing recently but glad to be back. I’ll need to check out your page as have been missing the updates on your world 👍😊

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  1. Bravo! I’m happy you posted this updated. I’ve actually wondered about your carrots as I skipped planting nat this year. Mine usually stay miniature or ball up, so good for you. And, you have the extra bonus of besting the neighbor.

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    1. Thanks Judith. I haven’t been writing or even looking at WordPress over the last few months because I have been so busy at work and there isn’t much to do outside of it. But I was inspired as I pulled the carrots up and laid them out for a suitable amount of neighbourly viewing time 😂.
      Did you plant anything else?

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      1. Yes, we did zucchini and yellow squash. Have a bumper crop of those. Our cucumbers went on strike this year. Probably heard it was 2020 and didn’t want to participate; I don’t blame them. This is our second year doing potatoes. They look splendid. I’ll post updates on those. Take care. And good luck with work. Busy is a good thing in these times.

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