Getting back to it: Again!

Koala positions his bum on a branch of a tree

Does anyone else set their goals and procrastinate whilst constantly resetting their goals? With some things I am clear, planned, organised and doing. With others (cough….my fitness levels) I am constantly promising to achieve daily goals. My bum seems to want to achieve some sort of growth award…I would rather see it shrink. I am even convinced my boobs are trying their best to catch up. They don’t need to.

Yes its a massive GiF….it basically reflects my perception of my ARSE! So avoiding the big gym pants I need to get some gym pants on. Is this a winter thing, a working from home thing, a weather thing. I guess it doesn’t matter. I know it is a procrastination thing.

I need goals. I probably need a personal trainer. I definitely don’t need chocolate. I don’t need wine, I probably shouldn’t have it (usually the first things PTs say). Do I need a list? Or do I just need to move? Move more. Move with purpose. Move with grace and control.

So to avoid the usual, very unreliable (usually do to consumption of wine), preparation of New Year resolutions I am starting today. More (restart) yoga, more (restart) gym, more work on my pull up bar. Ps….the last one sounds impressive but I am taking it slowly and purposefully so still at the point of ‘hangs’ to build up grip. Grip. Yes I need to get a grip. Not of my bum (or boobs for that matter). Just movement.

Love this version of the video! Currently jumping around the room 🙂

Header: Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

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