How old are you?

Birthdays. Age. Does anyone else practice their new age before their birthday? I do. This is definitely not an age thing. I have done this for years (honestly). The problem is that you start to question how old you actually are. Ok maybe not everyone does this but definitely some people do. Don’t they? Don’t you?


Every March I am marching towards being officially a year older. My birthday is at the end of the month but I definitely start to consider my age at the start of March. I am not the biggest fan of birthdays so I have done this since I was, oooh, late 20s. Actually I liked being 18 and didn’t mind getting to 21. After that I figured it was just another day. Maybe stubbornly so. That is probably an Aries thing ;-). Maybe it was more because the men I had relationships were complete arses…thing. Either way I have never been the biggest fan of birthdays. Another day and, oh joy, another year.

Space and Time

I have a problem at the start of every year. I forget what year it is. And in a similar way I try and start practicing my new age at the start of each March then get confused as to what age I actually am. This has only once caused me serious embarrassment during a court hearing (a work thing). I think they just thought I was mental though which was very beneficial to me :-).

Space and time seem to clash around my birthday. Do I need to be a year older? Do the men I fancy need to be older or am I ok just liking who I like? Why has my face not yet fallen off and therefore why do I still look (seriously!!) at least 7 years younger? Should I start lying about my age? Do I actually know my age? For fucks sake can we not just pause….a good age….a good look….a definite good time…..

How Old?!

Ah whatever. I will be 43 in two weeks. So currently I am 42. I do need to repeat this as I keep practicing 43. I get confused. It is not an age thing and not a Malbec thing!! I have done this for years and it happens every year. Don’t you? How old are you?

Header Photo by Rachael Crowe on Unsplash