It was my birthday a couple of days ago. I got a message from a work mate saying “happy shittiest birthday ever”. Haha I am glad someone said it. During a near lockdown in Scotland at the moment it isn’t easy to do anything we would normally want to do. But here are the brilliant things (yep a list) from my birthday.

1. Drop off food

My folks managed to get me a wee package involving wine and a dinner. Typically they left out the crispy potato things I like but I sourced them at Tesco. Along with more wine (bubbly) and some flowers and a cake. Might as well buy my own flowers for my birthday…right?

I might have mentioned before my lack of kitchen skills. But I entered the ‘tiny’ kitchen and actually cooked my dinner; something I generally like to avoid.

2. Messages

Loads. From work colleagues across the country. Ones I see now, ones I haven’t seen in years. All family though. Its that kind of job. I’m still getting some pinging through now two days later. Usually inappropriate. Usually hilarious. All of them made me laugh. Some I even snort laughed at.

I also had messages from mates that I still see and some I don’t manage to see often. Its pretty great that we all stay connected.

Definitely a few new connections in there too. I love the fact that even people on WordPress who I have only known through our blogs are also in touch. Appreciating the banter…you know who you are :-).

3. Music

Wether you have been my DJ, my playlist provider or even my FaceTime rendition of happy birthday played by guitar and sung, I have danced around my living room, my bedroom and my tiny hallway. I have refrained from dancing in the garden as there are far too many flats with people in them who, lets face it, have nothing to do other than stare at the mad folk outside. I have sat in the garden though whenever there is a bit of sun.

4. Girls night in

FaceTiming with the girls who all had a glass of something has been such a laugh. They tried to sing happy birthday to me (I muted them haha). Staying in is the new going out. At least you can always find a seat. At my new age of forty fecking three people might say I need it.

The other great thing about this is that its not that far to get home. No thinking about how I am going to walk down from town on a Saturday night. No taxis required. Just a few skips through to my bedroom and woohoo…bed!

5. Neighbours

I have lovely neighbours although occasionally we can’t be arsed with each other. They are mental (I am just quirky…there is a difference) but I like them for it.

My old neighbour who used to sing very loudly in the garden, old in age and also old in the fact he had to move across town, phoned me to say happy birthday. Two of my other neighbours made me scones and made me cards. Hey they were Christmas cards, but they scored out the merry Christmas and changed it to Happy Birthday.

Worst or Best?

Can I go for somewhere in between? I had a laugh so it wasn’t bad. I can think of things I would like to be doing though on my birthday though that I couldn’t do. At least I was off work for a couple of days. At least I have a lot of people, connections and laughs.

I also think that if you do have your birthday during the COVID-19 crises then you should be allowed a second one when this is all a bit better.

Does that make me a queen, a princess or just a little demanding? 🙂

This one is only here because it made me laugh 🙂 x

How old are you?

Birthdays. Age. Does anyone else practice their new age before their birthday? I do. This is definitely not an age thing. I have done this for years (honestly). The problem is that you start to question how old you actually are. Ok maybe not everyone does this but definitely some people do. Don’t they? Don’t you?


Every March I am marching towards being officially a year older. My birthday is at the end of the month but I definitely start to consider my age at the start of March. I am not the biggest fan of birthdays so I have done this since I was, oooh, late 20s. Actually I liked being 18 and didn’t mind getting to 21. After that I figured it was just another day. Maybe stubbornly so. That is probably an Aries thing ;-). Maybe it was more because the men I had relationships were complete arses…thing. Either way I have never been the biggest fan of birthdays. Another day and, oh joy, another year.

Space and Time

I have a problem at the start of every year. I forget what year it is. And in a similar way I try and start practicing my new age at the start of each March then get confused as to what age I actually am. This has only once caused me serious embarrassment during a court hearing (a work thing). I think they just thought I was mental though which was very beneficial to me :-).

Space and time seem to clash around my birthday. Do I need to be a year older? Do the men I fancy need to be older or am I ok just liking who I like? Why has my face not yet fallen off and therefore why do I still look (seriously!!) at least 7 years younger? Should I start lying about my age? Do I actually know my age? For fucks sake can we not just pause….a good age….a good look….a definite good time…..

How Old?!

Ah whatever. I will be 43 in two weeks. So currently I am 42. I do need to repeat this as I keep practicing 43. I get confused. It is not an age thing and not a Malbec thing!! I have done this for years and it happens every year. Don’t you? How old are you?

Header Photo by Rachael Crowe on Unsplash

Birthday wish lists: are they a thing of the past?

Are birthday wishlists a thing of the past?

It is my birthday soon. Next week. Its not something I am keen on focusing on as it will be my 42nd year. This means I am definitely on the way in my forty something life. Ok – enough focusing (depressively) on my age. Its not that bad, but I’ve never been that good at birthdays. So when asked the question (yes it comes every year from my sister) ‘What would you like for your birthday?’ I usually coil into a small ball and rock front to back (much more smoothly may I say now that I started yoga haha!).

Do I have a wish list?

I generally don’t have one. This in some weird way makes it easier for everyone. I have got some wonderful presents just by not having one. Take, for instance, last year. Me and my mum went for lunch to Chez Jules (fabulously french and cheap but cheerful) last year and then we drunkenly went to Stewart and Christie‘s on Queen street because I suggested that I had always wanted a good ‘tweed’ jacket. Stewart and Christie’s is the oldest tailor of this type of attire in Edinburgh and I knew (in a loose way from a few parties) one of the owners and one of the tailors. This was following a quick look in a few George Street shops who would never compare. Result – I got a tailored (not bespoke but only a bit of work done) tweed jacket. It will last a lifetime! It is beautiful. My mum, having forked out for my birthday on my one, went back a month later to order her own. This also resulted in a drunken lunch (Tiger Lilly) to celebrate. All events combined meant good bonding over good presents over quality attire. The one thing it didn’t mean was that we stuck within the unwritten budget rule that as a family we have on presents.

The budget

This, as noted above, is an unwritten rule. A good rule as lets face it we are in an age where we buy what we want when we want. So a pre-defined limit takes some thinking. Don’t be shocked but its basically £50 per person. So my mum and dad will spend £100, me and my sister will spend £50. Its not much at all nowadays but to re-emphasise the point – we are in a time where we already have what we want so presents are something that should be different. Times have changed. Im not that old (as I keep telling myself) – but when younger we used to keep a list for ages (for birthdays and of course Christmas). The only times we got those overly desired objects was on these special occasions. At some point this all changed. We spend, use and discard. We don’t keep lists because most things are immediate. Its kind of sad and also wonderfully gratifying. I don’t even think its an age thing. As a single 40 something living in Edinburgh you would expect that I can sensibly afford the things I want. But to have the excitement back of the present list, the waiting, the build up and even at times the disappointment (oh the trauma of not getting that specific Barbie I wanted) would be something! We don’t do this kind of excitement in 2019. Its kind of a shame.

Rebel against the age

So….I thought of a list. All the things I have fancied since the start of the year. When the text came through ‘what would you like…’ I jumped on it like a typical amazon prime member. Here is my wish list. A feet up trainer (or alternative product)…oooh yes please (although that as you might have already calculated would be a joint sister and parents present). Or pick from the rest: yoga wheel, Blackberry and something or other Jo Malone perfume (my daily go to scent), Jo Malone soap (can’t recommend highly enough and am never using any other soap in the bath or shower ever again), candles (of any variety as always a good thing), or my incense sticks (this is a new thing but makes me very relaxed of an evening). If this list doesn’t work for them then I will take any surprise at my age! Only thing missing is a good man (possibly only useful at this time of year to buy me another lovely present)….ok scratch that – they are more trouble than they are worth and never meet the wish list expectations 🙂