Not Everyone Bakes

Boredom can lead to troubling actions. I have baking in the category of things I only ever consider when I’m bored. As in really bored. The ‘I am so bored I will consider doing things I never normally do’ type boredom. On Sunday afternoon I decided it would be a good idea to bake a cake. I should have remembered that not everyone bakes. A lot of people (me included) can’t bake.

I can hardly cook never mind bake so I should put this type of good idea in the bad idea bin. It never turns out well. But after, what was meant to be, a relaxing Sunday morning I got to the afternoon and decided I should do something. Eating cake is not part of my current health drive; so of course this was what I settled on as something I should do.

How hard can baking be?

I should point out that I have baked things before. The last event of this type was probably 10 years ago. I also watch baking type programmes and realise these can lull people into thinking that it is not that hard. In reality I have no clue what I am doing so I messaged my dad to obtain my grandmother’s recipe book. Then off I went to Tesco with my list of ingredients. This list included wine. Granted it is not a cake ingredient (that I know off) but it was essential to the whole thing.

I had settled on two recipes. One of them had to work out ok. My choices:

  • ‘Fruit Loaf’; and
  • ‘Chocolate Cake’.

You can easily guess which one I was hoping would be edible…a little edible.

The problem with baking on a whim is that it takes ages. Measuring, mixing, beating things, greasing tins and then the cooking.


But after a couple of hours – voila! Two fruit loafs and one chocolate cake later I was feeling very smug about my achievement. I took a photo and sent it off to various family members.

I think they were in shock for a bit but the replies came back in with oooh’s and aaaggghhh’s. It may not be as majestic as the image above. I also don’t think you will make the same ooh and aaagghh type appreciation noises – but here is my photo anyway:

Bloody rubbish cake and 2 kind of ok Fruit Loafs

Note to self – Never bake

Especially not Cake!

The smug feeling was short lived. Cutting a slice of the chocolate cake was a slap of reality. I can’t bloody bake. It was more like a biscuit…risen…but still biscuit like. Thankfully the fruit loafs’ tasted ok. The thing is I was really wanting chocolate cake. My chocolate cake was binned. I also remembered that I am trying to eat healthily so stoped at 2 slices of the fruit thing.

There are lots of reasons as to why I don’t bake. I don’t want to bake. I can’t really bake. My baking attempts are fruitless; or in my case cakeless. Baking when bored is a bad idea. I know the rest of the world is good at baking. It’s clearly just not one of my strengths.

Header photo by parastoo jk on Unsplash