Spring forward? Into bed with a cold

It’s typical isn’t it? On the week where it is my birthday and I have had lots of lovely plans – I get struck down with the cold. It is also the weekend where the clocks go forward to British summer time meaning spring is definitely in the air. And typically I get the cold. Described by others as flu (which I always disagree with as flu is really serious and I can still drag myself onto the sofa) but regardless of whether its flu or not I have symptoms such as: an overly runny nose, sore throat, hoarse / whispering voice and general feelings of rubbishness. I am however strongly holding on to the fact that constant moisturising of my face and balm hankies has worked in avoiding the cracked skin. No one wants a flakey nose!

In between the tissues

I did manage lunch yesterday with good friends and the weather is changing for the better. It is also good to feed a cold – surely. Massive burger later and a few red wines and you might not have even noticed. Apart from the fact that I would normally manage a few more wines. Lots of good advice later, and most things tried this week, to manage this cold and I now feel like an experienced tester of remedies (some better than others).

Get over it

I wish I would! So here was my list. And yes, yes I realise that colds are colds and nothing actually works to get rid of them other than time. But there is much needed symptom control.

First action – First Defence. Usually the thing I think works. I am convinced by this normally, but it didn’t work this time and so the cold bugs took over my nose, face, throat and neck…and pretty much my whole body started to feel rubbish.

Tiger balm next. The local Thailand brand (hot and cold) as I also think this works on literally every thing (sore muscles, insect bites etc. etc.). It definitely helps. Maybe I am just biased though.

Cough syrup – by the bucket load as no one wants to hear a raspy cough interspersed with gurgling as you try and get rid of the goo. Cough syrup is a must and yes it helps. I took it out to lunch with me (hidden in giant handbag) and I had a gurgle in the loo when the red wine bit the back of my throat and a few coughs ensued. It does work. Maybe the alcohol isn’t advised :-).

Then onto the tablets. I started with the ibuprofen but actually found a hot flannel (face cloth – but it sounds more like a grandmother type saying when you say flannel) to be better relief. I’ll try anything though so next onto the cold and flu tablets and to be fair they have given me some temporary relief.

Finally the friend advice (you know who you are!). Vicks on my feet and earlobe. Dutifully rubbed in for maximum effect (apparently it won’t work otherwise). The feeling – like the opposite of deep heat on your feet. Convinced – no! Will I keep going with this – yes. Do I have doubts – to be fair I think the easter egg I ate last night whilst on the sofa did more good. Why keep trying? It’s better to try things than to succumb to the damn cold.

When it’s over

Having a cold is like having hiccups. You forget about it when it’s over and can’t really remember how it all went away. I’m hoping that will happen today. It’s sunny so I am going to sit in the garden, get some sunshine and read my latest kindle book (The Rumour). Maybe that will be the cure.