Ever Embarrassed Yourself at a Party?

No? Just me then? Surely not? Surely everyone has. If you are going to do it though, just do it spectacularly. That way even if you can’t remember it, others will remind you of it for years to come.

Remind yourself

Reminders can happen at any time. Your friends will tell you the story of your debacle, spectacular debacle, more often than you might like. But at other times it just hits you. That distant memory. That ‘oh pants I did that’ moment. When this happens to me I usually have a slightly disturbing chuckle to myself.

Last weekend on one of my far too many nights out this festive period I bumped into my reminder. Whilst trying to hold it together on the last train home from Glasgow I saw a familiar face. Actually it was a familiar suit. A man in a suit. Not just any suit; a wildly flamboyant one, a noddy type hat and his bicycle. I should note that he must be the only person in the world who thinks that wearing that attire and taking his bicycle on the last train from Glasgow to Edinburgh (Saturday night) is a good idea. Good on him.

For someone so flamboyant he always feels unusually awkward to speak to. Anyway I said hello having been in his company, whilst he was dressed like a Christmas tree, the previous weekend. I figured we were at least acquaintances by this point.

Whilst talking I had a flashback. A definite ‘oh pants I really did do that’ flashback.

Memories are not always wonderful

So the memory….

I was at a party. Actually it was his. Hardly knew him at that point but it was at a venue owned by a friend. Quirky and broad range of party attenders which I think always calls for a broad range of….Prosecco.

Prosecco is not always a good idea.

So the venue had various rooms. It was a special birthday and he kept asking the owner to round people up for a birthday toast. This went on and on (in my vague recollection it did but it may not have!).

Why would I not step in. Booming voice later and people all gathered it was time. Except….

No one was doing the toast. They were all staring at me. I was staring back. Not like I knew him! OH PANTS!

Fake it. Just fake it. I talked about how wonderful he was. I am sure only the whole room noted the fact that the owner had to remind me of his name when I raised a glass and asked everyone to toast ….??…. You get the picture.

Prosecco is never a good idea.

Will there be more times?

Where there is Prosecco in the world there will be embarrassing moments.

I say embrace them.

If you don’t want to then crawl under that little rock. Just save me a space for my worst ones. They are probably yet to come.

Photo by Rebecca Wiggins on Unsplash