Why it’s best to buy flowers from a florist

If your lucky your garden will have enough flowers to fill it with colour; but it would be wrong to cut them all for the house. So here are 5 reasons to use your local florist.

1. They are fresh

The flowers are always fresh and will last. If you have a good local florist (I do) then you know they will cut out any that don’t look their best in your bouquet. There is no sell by date like the ones you get in the supermarket. This is a good thing. Who actually decides on a bunch of flowers sell by date? I’d much rather have someone who understands and loves flowers deciding this than some factory wrapping them up for tesco. The ones I buy locally always last me up to two weeks.

2. You get more for your money

I went this morning and asked for flowers for my vase. My local florist is a family run business by a wonderful Italian man who genuinely has a passion for his shop and flowers. I set the price (£10) and he chose lilies. The bunch was big. He said “bargain for your vase” and he was not wrong. I wouldn’t have gotten even a third of these if spending £10 in the supermarket.

My ‘bargain’ lilies

This is the best thing about florists. You can have an idea about what you want or even no idea. But you will get a good price if you regularly buy flowers in your local shop. You might pay more for a pre organised bouquet (the ones you would get for a gift) but if you just leave it to chance or price you generally won’t be disappointed. He even took off the pollen so it wouldn’t drop and stain the floor.

3. The person selling you flowers loves flowers

Local shopkeepers are committed to what they sell as it’s not easy to compete against the convenience shopping that the supermarkets offer. Florists even more so as it’s an art form.

My florist clearly loves his shop and his flowers. The whole place is an array of different colours, textures and smells. The displays he does are amazing and what’s really lovely is that he makes up pots with a flower display to sit outside all the other little shops (and the pub) in his street.

4. You are supporting local business

Supporting local business and having beautiful flowers in your house is a win win situation. I would hate to see some of the quirky little shops in my area disappear. They make Edinburgh a great place to meander through. If you think about it though it is amazing that florists have survived over the years. Even with the big event days (valentines day, weddings, funerals and birthdays) this doesn’t explain how on a day to day basis they manage to survive. I’m glad they do though.

5. You end up buying more than just a bunch of flowers

Pot plants, garden plants and, my favourite, quirky Cactus plants; the florist has them all. I regularly go in just to have a look. A girl can never have too many flowers and plants in their home.

Extra purchase today