How do people get that loose curl?!

I have this conversation with my hairdresser every time. She can do it. To my head. With a round brush! To be fair she says she can’t do a brush curl to her own. So apologies. This post does not give any answers to the question. It just highlights why I can’t.


Those bloody round brushes are a recipe for disaster. I have tried and ended up with something like this….

Is it because my hair is pretty thick and if left to it’s own devices it might turn out like this anyway? I straighten it but it is nice to get a little movement. I will never ever be able to get any movement with a round brush. I often wonder why they are still sold and also why there are not more women walking around with round brushes stuck in their hair. Have you ever tried to extract yourself from one?


I have heated rollers but, seriously, it takes an age to do it. The expected outcome – well it happens to be brilliant at times. At other times my hair just resembles a poodle.

Photo by Tra Tran on Unsplash

So the problem with rollers is that you commit to an indefinite outcome. Or maybe not. Maybe people can do their hair amazingly every time with a set of rollers. My problem is that I leave my preparation till the last minute. Another recipe for disaster.


Curling tongs to be exact. I Feel like they should have been left in the 80s but there are loads of them still on the market. So I have a pair. More like a curling round stick thing. It does work but it just doesn’t last. So my hair ends up a bit limp. Limp hair is never a good look.

The Machine Type Thing

I actually have a thing that sooks your hair in and then spits it out in a curl. It wasn’t cheap and I don’t use it. At all. It sooked my hair in once and mangled it. The only thing it was spitting out was a load of new split ends. I sleep on a silk pillow to avoid split ends so the machine has been relegated to the back of the useless curling implements cupboard.

The Answer

I think it may be a Dyson thing. I know this is optimistic of me, so if anyone has actually used them let me know. They are expensive and most people may be questioning why I would spend that kind of money on something so irrelevant. I think the same about hoovers.

The other answer – have a hairdresser consistently there to curl my hair. It’s probably one of the few professions I haven’t dated. Oh….I did. Once but I was in my late teens so I don’t think that counts. He was a trainee. Very forgetful.

Why am I even writing a blog about this?

I have a lot of nights out and would like my hair to look good. It’s not the only reason though. At the moment I just do the curl / wave thing with my straighteners. It doesn’t feel enough. I would really love to be able to do a loose curl and have effortlessly lovely loose curled hair. All the time please. Any help or live in hairdressers (to do my hair not to date me) welcome!

Header image Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Split Ends – get a silk pillowcase

Why did I not know this?! How could I have missed the silk pillowcase rule for hair and, apparently, skin care? Well I did miss it but thankfully someone put me right a few weeks ago.

I struggle with split ends. It is due to my hair being quite unruly at times, naturally wavy and thick enough to be embarrassing in the morning (bed head isn’t always a good look). At least it isn’t too thin. So after my recent haircut the split ends are sorted and a, much better informed, friend told me to get a silk pillowcase.

Sleeping on silk

There is no doubt about it that sleeping on silk feels…well it feels lovely. I used to think it was a bit tacky but my view has completely changed. The best thing – the benefits!


Silk pillowcases can reduce messy and unruly bed head. This also means that it can reduce the chance of split ends. Which is perfect for me as I don’t like getting lots of layers cut into my hair and it’s tough to grow them out when you keep getting split ends between cuts.

My hairdresser always chats to me about this. You can definitely reduce split ends by using serums, being careful with the brushing / combing and not using harsh hair bands. But a silk pillowcase will help too.

After a couple of weeks of sleeping with silk my hair is amazingly manageable in the morning. So if you want to put in a lovely curl and have it last more than the day I would definitely suggest getting a silk pillowcase or two.

Even more benefits of silk

I did a bit of research on this and there are a lot. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. A tick for good skin! It helps skin retain moisture. Great! It’s not rough on the skin. Brilliant!

If you think about it your face comes into contact with your pillow more than any other thing (well other than your partner if you have one). So with your face rubbing against material when you sleep it can lead to your skin feeling a little dry. If you sleep against silk this doesn’t happen. It also, apparently, means that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. At my age this might become a good thing; not yet though thank you very much!

My view on silk pillowcases

I won’t go back to cotton. Yes my bedsheets are lovely and I do think you should always sleep on good quality fabric given how much time is spent in bed. But I think I might go with a full on silk bed set for an alternative. Even if I don’t sleep in silk bedsheets every night my pillowcase from now on will always be silk.

Photo by Ömürden Cengiz on Unsplash