An Unplanned Feature Wall

It is fair to say that I am not that fussed about my kitchen. It is a place to go for wine, coffee and simple meals all of which are available elsewhere in Edinburgh. However I didn’t expect to come home from work on Wednesday to find cracked tiles, a big hole and a whole lot of mess. So now I have a new ‘feature wall’. It may take a while for me to grow accustomed to this change in decor.


The kitchen is on my list of rooms to do up because I want to make it look lovely. Not because is is currently intolerable; it functions like…well like a kitchen. I don’t like the old tiles, the cooker probably needs replaced, in case I get the urge to bake again, and the worktops could do with updating. I should also admit to the wall having a bit of a crack. Not one I was concerned about but one that would need re-plastering in any decorating.

I should further admit to a blob of mulberry coloured paint in the corner no one ever sees. It was a half arsed attempt to decorate before I realised the colour was horrible at a time when I was dating a decorator. Problem being that I wanted to dump him and eventually my morals kicked in to end it before allowing him to carry out his generous offer of painting. Everything else is fine. Well it was!

So I had planned to get around to doing the kitchen. Maybe not immediately as I always find lots of other fun things to spend money on. For example if I planned to get a new kitchen I wouldn’t feel able to book my skiing holiday next January. So I guess you could assume that home decoration is low down on my list of life planning.

Should I re-prioritise?

Should I? It seems not. Why re-prioritise when someone with a great big bloody hammer next door can do it for me. I don’t know if they really had a great big hammer but the flat next door (owned by a friend) is getting a massive overhaul. Apparently he had a crack in his wall. Ill not digress into discussing these things; I don’t have a clue what this crack meant other than the flats, built in the 1890’s, move a little and so the walls must have slipped…a bit.

Anyway. I arrive home and find a mess. Thankfully not broken wine glasses as miraculously the tiles missed them on their way to the floor.

The phonecall to my friend went along the lines of “their is a big hole and mess”. “Its not your fault”. “Never mind [internal yelling that it is a bloody issue]”. “Ok send the builders in tomorrow”. To be fair he was always getting the builders in to sort my bit of the wall and it isn’t costing me anything which is great. So I sort of knew it was coming but the reality of forced re-decoration (if you could call it that) is a little different.

Feature Wall

If I don’t name it a feature wall it could only be described as a jagged section of missing tiles that has been plastered. They howked (that may be a Scottish term) out the broken tiles, plaster and then made good the ancient (130 or so old) bricks with some concrete. A few boards in and then a bit of replastering later and it is done. No crack. One odd looking building site type wall.

I am sticking to calling it a feature wall. At least till after I go skiing. Maybe after I also find something else to spend my money on. In a year or so I might write a home decor type blog about kitchen makeovers. Clearly my blog is not a home decor blog. I will stick to what I am used to and head out to yoga, lunch and then drinks. That way I can avoid cracking up.