How Fast Do You Walk?

I’m not really tall so I always figured that was why I don’t match up to the stride of my 6’ 4 friend. But the more I notice how quickly people In general walk the more I am starting to think that I need to step up the pace.

Maybe I’m Just Slow

It’s an odd thing to notice; I get that. But I have noticed this for ages and so am now, somewhat embarrassingly, putting my thoughts on this in a post. But seriously though…how do people manage to sprint by me even when they are the same height, shorter, or even (by appearance only) more unfit?

It all came to a head when an older, as in a lot older, lady sprinted past me up the hill to yoga yesterday. I basically spent the 10 minute walk trying to catch up with her. The result…I just got further behind. Bloody hell.

Why is Everyone Else Faster?

I’m not unfit, I am not shorter and I am definitely a lot younger than said lady above: so why am I slower?

If I was walking in London I would get it. There’s a difference in pace in different places. But I am from Edinburgh and Edinburgh people are racing by me. Maybe I should be living in the highlands…or somewhere…possibly the Caribbean.

Short legs are not an excuse…neither is a slightly rotund arse. It’s probably an attitude thing. Who knows?

Why am I Bothered?

I’m not too bothered about this. Ok maybe a little. But only because I don’t really get it. Maybe this is why my backside isn’t tiny. I will now need to check out the faster folks rears to see if that theory works out. That might be a little odd but at least they won’t see me doing it when they are zooming by.

Thankfully today is a Sunday and it’s illegal (surely) to be sprinting around the place. So I’ll just donder up to yoga later…slowly. I’ll maybe try a longer (and probably weird looking) stride tomorrow 😆.