A different sense of humour

Do we laugh or cry

Its a question people around me ask

The answer is always laugh

We laugh at the things no one else would

The dark humour is needed

When ‘our’ world is down to should

Should do the best

Doing our best

Feeling the same as a the rest

Of front line

But not in the same way as them, now us, or even everyone else (now us)

In the world of Facebook, WhatsApp and news – is there any point in watching it?

When we just keep moving

We just keep solving problems

We keep trying to get ahead

We don’t get ahead

But we never lose our head

Unless its in laughter

At the sheer inability to solve any pandemic disaster

Our comfort zone is in other adversity

So solving this problem is not the answer

Just moving forward will do

With a few (lots of) fucks, shits and “can do”

Can do anything

Thats the best thing

Being in my ‘world’ we literally can

As long as it involves inappropriate jokes

Chocolate and laughing

So fuck you COVID-19

Despite social distancing

Social Isolation

We are still laughing

Even when we shouldn’t

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash