Split Ends – get a silk pillowcase

Why did I not know this?! How could I have missed the silk pillowcase rule for hair and, apparently, skin care? Well I did miss it but thankfully someone put me right a few weeks ago.

I struggle with split ends. It is due to my hair being quite unruly at times, naturally wavy and thick enough to be embarrassing in the morning (bed head isn’t always a good look). At least it isn’t too thin. So after my recent haircut the split ends are sorted and a, much better informed, friend told me to get a silk pillowcase.

Sleeping on silk

There is no doubt about it that sleeping on silk feels…well it feels lovely. I used to think it was a bit tacky but my view has completely changed. The best thing – the benefits!


Silk pillowcases can reduce messy and unruly bed head. This also means that it can reduce the chance of split ends. Which is perfect for me as I don’t like getting lots of layers cut into my hair and it’s tough to grow them out when you keep getting split ends between cuts.

My hairdresser always chats to me about this. You can definitely reduce split ends by using serums, being careful with the brushing / combing and not using harsh hair bands. But a silk pillowcase will help too.

After a couple of weeks of sleeping with silk my hair is amazingly manageable in the morning. So if you want to put in a lovely curl and have it last more than the day I would definitely suggest getting a silk pillowcase or two.

Even more benefits of silk

I did a bit of research on this and there are a lot. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. A tick for good skin! It helps skin retain moisture. Great! It’s not rough on the skin. Brilliant!

If you think about it your face comes into contact with your pillow more than any other thing (well other than your partner if you have one). So with your face rubbing against material when you sleep it can lead to your skin feeling a little dry. If you sleep against silk this doesn’t happen. It also, apparently, means that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. At my age this might become a good thing; not yet though thank you very much!

My view on silk pillowcases

I won’t go back to cotton. Yes my bedsheets are lovely and I do think you should always sleep on good quality fabric given how much time is spent in bed. But I think I might go with a full on silk bed set for an alternative. Even if I don’t sleep in silk bedsheets every night my pillowcase from now on will always be silk.

Photo by Ömürden Cengiz on Unsplash