From Edinburgh to St Andrews

Last minute decision to get out the city before the wind and rain starts. To be fair it was going to be the same in St Andrews but I was booked in for literally the best facial!

I caught the last of the sun before diving into the Old Course Hotel. If you like golf it overlooks the 17th so just along to the left of this photo. Quick look out the window and I made my way down to their spa. It’s a Kohler hotel (I think the only one outside of the US but make sure you get an upgraded room for the view!

The spa is tranquil. They have a separate swimming pool for general use so you are pretty much guaranteed (outside of saturdays) for a relaxing spot by the pool and water therapies. I’m a reader so this was perfect before a leisurely stroll for my champagne and canopies whilst waiting on my facial. In the package (overnight) it’s a back massage or a facial. I’d say go for the facial as they also massage arms, shoulder and legs from the knee down. Perfect 50 minutes and good advice on my sensitive Scottish skin before a lie down then a stroll back to the room.

I’m now heading up to the bar overlooking the golf course (nothing to see at this time of night) for a cocktail and some food. Back to Edinburgh tomorrow but I feel like I’ve now relaxed into the weekend!

Try it out…Old Course Hotel, St Andrews and their spa package. You won’t regret it and may find an alternative to Stobo. X