The TV Shows You Watch…But Don’t Admit Watching

I sometimes think we are spoiled for choice with tv now. Unfortunately that’s because I’m old enough to remember a really small (3!!) number of channels. The way we watch tv has definitely changed and sometimes there is nothing better, sometimes nothing worse, than watching a box set. But if asked, would you admit to what you are watching?

High Brow v Low Brow

I would love to say I watch only interesting, thought provoking and complex drama. I do sometimes. Ok…I do occasionally. I am probably missing out. I know I miss out on the work chat about whatever drama is taking the UK by storm that week or month.

So low brow it is. Especially today when I feel a little under the weather (raging hangover) after a big night out. Low brow tele for me is anything I don’t have to overly think about, something you can’t stop watching and therefore perfect for a weekend binge or to wind down after a difficult day.

One to Watch

I’ll admit I am watching ‘Below Deck’. I’ll even go as far to say I have binged this week on the ‘original’ and also ‘Below Deck Med’. I have missed out on the news and I don’t think it matters. In my happy bubble of super yachts, sarcasm and mind numbing but brilliant dramas going on with the crew I have been hitting the next episode button each time one ends.

Other Embarrassing Ones

I think I have lots. I’ll even happily watch re-runs of Buffy. On my now tv I still have Sex and The City on my watchlist. In fact since it’s nearing winter I am patiently waiting on the Christmas 24 channel to come on so I can watch made for TV movies. Brilliantly rubbish but always something to put on even if it is just background cheeriness.

It’s Not All Rubbish

I do have other things I like to watch. But I don’t watch too much TV nowadays. I have Chernobyl on my watch list. I’ve just not found the time to watch it yet because I know from the first episode that it isn’t the type of ‘wind down and don’t think’ tele.

I am now currently scrolling through my watchlists on various apps and, yep, I wouldn’t admit to them all. I think everyone secretly has rubbish TV they watch. If you are willing to admit to any then please do…I’m always on the lookout for something else to bing on 😊.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash