A simple lightbulb in a glass shade hanging against a background of a window overlooking trees and sky

Inspired by a post this week talking about hitting the button on drafts I checked out my own draft section of WordPress. I have six. For a while this one might make it 7. I can’t help thinking that drafts are same as thoughts in that just haven’t made it out…yet, if ever.

Like the thoughts we swirl around daily in every ones heads.

Thoughts that sometimes are spoken, sometimes are not, sometimes savoured just for ourselves, and sometimes saved for a better time.

Thoughts are like that; our own. Blogging reminds me of this. My drafts are my own until I feel like sharing them. My drafts are usually in my head. Hence the short number in my WordPress thingy.

Sometimes my drafts are just one word. Sometimes just one amusing thought. Sometimes they make it to a header or heading. Often they just swirl around for a while and most of the time they are forgotten when other things take over the swirling.

So thinking about thinking about drafting and drafts I figure I will hit the button on this one. Its shorter than normal but my thoughts today are more focused on how late I will be for my afternoon out in Glasgow.

Thanks for the inspiration V!

Header Photo by Dan DeAlmeida on Unsplash.

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