Pair of grey trainers, Nike, on wooden floor

I love shoes. I have loads of them and still don’t think I spend enough time on this hobby. Trainers (sneakers) – I can take or leave them. They are a necessity for the gym and getting to and from yoga. If I have a quiet weekend doing not a lot they may be the only thing on my feet. Other than that – they don’t really grab my attention. So trainer shopping yesterday was really fun.

Lifestyle, gym or running?

Seriously? Why not start a shopping experience with a lot of deep questions about how much I use my trainers and what for? What if it is a mix of things? Does that mean I need to buy more than one pair?

I get the ‘lifestyle’ choice but can they not just name it for what it is…trainers that look good with jeans and dresses and are crap for going to the gym in. Ok I now see why they name them ‘lifestyle’.

My problem with the ones you buy just for wearing out is that they always have something wrong with them that makes them uncomfortable. You start with really high expectations of how comfy they look until they slap you with a blister. Usually they rub my heels. Defeats the purpose really, I would be better in 5 inch heels.

I just need them for the gym!

And walking to and from my yoga studio. And possibly on a weekend nipping to the shops in my joggies. Maybe I should start liking trainers more. I like men in good trainers if that counts :-).

Having found a shop that sells the bloody things I just looked at the best ones I could find. As in the ones I thought would look the nicest, would not make my 4 1/2 to 5 (uk size) feet look mahooosive, would be ok for the gym, and the odd (a rarity almost) run.

All this meant was that, since I thought my current trainers were the nicest looking trainers I have ever bought, I was looking to see if there was something pretty much the same. No of course there wasn’t. I bought my current ones in a Nike store in Bangkok 2 years ago. Since I have mainly been doing yoga they have lasted the distance. But they are a bit haggart now and I have rejoined a gym to add a bit of a mix again to my fitness so I needed a fresh pair.

Anyway…I found some. I am not overly enamoured with them but they look ok I guess and they are comfy. Thats them at the top. My favourite pair…thats them below. To be honest though even with both of them….they are trainers – I can take or leave them.

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